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A small part of our postercollection has been digitalised. In future we hope to offer some more samples of our collection. The posters are sorted in following categories:

Belgian women's day
International women's day
Labour and pay gap
Second feminist wave
The UN and women
Violence and assistance
Women and Politics
Women's studies

International Women's Day: index

International Women's Day

Women in the breach (1997)

Towards the gender contract in partnership (1996)

A multicultural celebration (1990)

Tell me, you're not sick? (1988)

The international Women's Day

The international Socialist Women's confederation founded a yearly International Women's Day in 1910. The right to vote was the principle struggle. Up untill WOI more and more countries participated in the festivities and actions.

In the West, the international Women's day on the 8th of March, is said to remember the strike of textile workers in New York in 1908. They spoke out for better working conditions and the abolition of child labour.

There is another reference however. On march 8th 1917 the women of Saint Petersburg, Russia, protested against poor working conditions, war and poverty. The women's strike grew into a general strike and was the forerunner for the Russian marchrevolution.

During the second wave of feminism the need to celebrate a symbolical day was renewed. In 1978 the day was recognised as an official holiday by the United Nations. The symbolical roots of march 8th were filled in differently, according to the ideological camps of the cold war.

Women in Flanders have their own National Women's day on November the 11th since 1972 (see factsheet 3). We do participate in the festivities on March the 8th, as these posters show.